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How it all began....




    When an environmental holocaust threatens to destroy Earth, the world leaders must look to the stars for a way to save the dying planet.  
    Koji Kanna, genetically engineered from birth to be the perfect astronaut, is humanity’s last hope. Endowed with mechnorganic durability and equipped with the latest scientific advancements that the world has to offer, he, Egi, the databot and his dog Khanokia soar the solar space-ways searching for a way to save their home-world before it’s too late.



Natural Powers: energy absorption, super strength, increased brain function, and durability

Powers in the Armor:  Data stream conversion, energy sword, hand blasters, and flight


Alias: J.I.R.O. BOY


Real Name: Commander Koji Kanna


First Appearence: J.I.R.O.BOY #1(2021)


Alignment: Hero





Jiroboy 2021 V1 Cover.jpg
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